Dungeons and Pop
Breaking Point Characters

Art by Razberrybi

Dallas Richards is a young man with a streak of weird luck. While looking for books on his ancestry on a rainy spring night, he was accosted by a portal from another dimension.

A Searcher for purpose, Dallas kept pursuiting the truth even as his family disowned him for this 'fiction' he believed in. He has made one good friend in his landlord Polly, a friendship formed in an rash action of heroism and zombie brains.

Jezz is a 7ft tall biker with a bag full of daemons and equally demonic features. Despite the horns, tail and hooves she's an angel through and through, but tragedy has sundered her from her post and now her angelic kin see her as nothing more than another monster.

In spite of this she serves the small community she resides in as a hidden guardian, keeping the peace of the town. She protects it from supernatural threats with nothing but grit, spite, desperation and dedication to keep this wayward angel from falling.

Nessa is a conspiracist. Her theories are all big picture--she doesn't bother with the details. That is, she didn't until they tried to rip her face off.

She currently spends her time worrying about those details, posting her theories among recipes and artwork she makes while TA-ing at the local college, and loving her wife.

Polly - Coming Soon