Dungeons and Pop

Guest-elheim One-Shots - Snow Gloom Ep 01 - A Mystery is Afoot

1 year ago

Welcome listeners to another city in the young mousefolk Spanner's journey! Spanner finds himself alone in the town of monstrosities known as Snow Gloom as his party splits up before being pulled into a bonafide mystery. Now if only he could stop screaming... Lux tries to resolve conflict. Addison smells something burning. Spanner forgets a shirt. Promo: Microphones and Monsters

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Songs in this episode: Kickstarter Music by Erik Segerstrom The Town that Loved Their Mayor Hater by Sean O'Dell Seeker of Stories by Sean O'Dell Spanner In the Works by Erik Segerstrom A Steel Jawed Detective by Sean O'Dell The Apothecary by Sean O'Dell Attack On Amazon Packages by Sean O'Dell