Dungeons and Pop

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 20 - You Can't Skip A Side Quest

1 year ago

Emotions run deep as Marcus faces his past and Thebesi faces her mistakes. will the party avoid a self-inflicted TPK or is the legacy of Death Metal Ranger Black too stained with his sins?
Marcus brandishes his blade.
Gabbi stands her ground.
Thebesi has a blue screen of death.
Yuzi tries to de-escalate the situation.
Sid accepts his fate.

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Cover Artwork by:Sean O'Dell

Songs in this episode:
Dice Giveaway by Sean O'Dell
New Pre-Roll Music by Sean O'Dell
Adventurers with Attitude OP v2 by Erik Segerstrom
The Party Joins by Sean O'Dell
Red Ranger's Rage by Sean O'Dell
You Know What I Did by Sean O'Dell
Break The Thebesi by Sean O'Dell
AwA Outro by Sean O'Dell

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