Dungeons and Pop

Guest-elheim One-Shots - Forbidden Falls Ep 02 - I Don't Roll This Well When I'm Playing!

1 year ago

As our party ventures into the woods, the challenges of the real world show themselves as two difficult if not nearly impossible challenges present themselves. One must beware the Wood that has Grown in protection of the animal folk and always be wary of Boozies no matter how cute they might appear. Albert (Derek) releases the beast. Clem (Hannah) lets loose with her arrows. Spanner (Erik) shames Smokey The Bear. Special Guests for this arc include Hannah from Thornvale and Derek from Rolling Misadventures! Special thanks to Susannah of Thornvale for letting me convert the boozies to DnD! Special thanks to razberrybi for editing this episode for us. :) Promo: Intelligence Check

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Songs in this episode: Soda Break ED Kickstarter Style by Erik Segerstrom Hidden Dangers Abound by Sean O'Dell Cant Stop The Boozies by Sean O'Dell Short Rest by Sean O'Dell