Dungeons and Pop

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 11 - Is That A Mushroom Cloud?

2 years ago

On a very special Adventurers with Attitude, we take a different look at the dreadful day the Spike of No Dice broke open and the days afterwards! Deputies Ricochet and Aerryn, both Henshins under the mentorship of Patrick the Goddamn Dire Machinist, find themselves with a bonafide mystery as they race to find out the source of the dreaded pillar of darkness seen from a -continent- away.
Ricochet has some apples.
Aerryn intimidates some sea races.
Patrick struggles to keep up.
Sid hears a who?

Special Guest Star Steph, DM of Natural Fun!

Aerryn Theme and new AwA theme by Erik Segerstrom Ricochet Theme and AwA outro theme by Sean O'Dell

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