Dungeons and Pop

Guest-elheim One-Shots - Snow Gloom Ep 03 - Don't Worry, Take Off Your Clothes

1 year ago

With their options running out, the gang decide to check out their one lead... an amnesiac chipmunkfolk named dale in lock up as the latest perp. Just what kinds of Pizzas are Knok selling anyways? As Spanner gets his gear, Addison and Lux check out a long shot at the local blacksmith. Addison displays a wriggling badge of justice. Lux remembers the sins of the past. Spanner takes out his anger on an old friend.

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Songs in this episode: New Pre-Roll Music by Sean O'Dell Creepy Atmosphere 2 by Erik Segerstrom Planning Chatter by Erik Segerstrom Azur The Blacksmith by Erik Segerstrom Sneaking By The Deputy by Erik Segerstrom We Have Questions by Erik Segerstrom