Dungeons and Pop

Adventurers With Attitude Ep 21 - It's Always Thebesi In Nidoko

11 months ago

After the revelations of the previous episode, the party struggles to find common ground even as tensions rise. What shocking revelation will the party come across in their travels into Nidoko?
Thebesi meets her mother.
Marcus plans an impromptu haircut.
Yuzi ponders Thebesi's family line.
Syd puts his cards on the table.
Gabbi tries a group hug.

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Cover Artwork by:Sean O'Dell

Songs in this episode:
Dice Giveaway by Sean O'Dell
New Pre-Roll Music by Sean O'Dell
Adventurers with Attitude OP v2 by Erik Segerstrom
Lets Get Ready to Roll by Sean O'Dell
Break The Thebesi by Sean O'Dell
You Know What I Did by Sean O'Dell
Red Ranger's Rage by Sean O'Dell
How About Them Henshin Boys by Sean O'Dell
AwA Outro by Sean O'Dell

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