Dungeons and Pop

Breaking Point Ep 15 - I Would Like To Make A Stealth Of Hand Check

1 year ago

One thing stands in the way of the Confectionary Crew dealing with the monster problem at hand. A distraught deputy with some hard questions and some comfort being needed before they can move on the source of the homonculi headcrabs. Well, two things if Jez has her way with the evidence.
Polly tries to convey sympathy and understanding.
Jez finds out not every threat she's faced has been supernatural.
Dallas bears his wounds.
Nessie informs on local celebrities.
Thrilling adventures await, come listen now!

Shoutout: Shrimps and Crits
Promo: World of Wyldrvir

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Cover Artwork by:Razberrybi
Songs in this episode:
New Pre-Roll Music by Sean O'Dell
Dramatic Tension by Sean O'Dell
Ringo The Raccoon (Reuse of The Town Who Loved Its Mayor Hater) by Sean O'Dell
Grappling With Darkness by Sean O'Dell<

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