Dungeons and Pop

Breaking Point Ep 14 - I Would Like A Cool Ethereal Assistant Please

1 year ago

The Confectionary Crew is at an empasse as they struggle to deal with the fight of the previous episode. Secrets are revealed and a strange visitor pings Polly's weirdness factor.
Polly expresses concern over his crazy tenant.
Jez accepts the fate she sees coming.
Dallas explains himself.
Nessie makes a ghost friend.
Thrilling adventures await, come listen now!

Shoutout: Dice Shame
Promo: Microphones and Monsters

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Cover Artwork by:Razberrybi
Songs in this episode:
New Pre-Roll Music by Sean O'Dell
Dramatic Tension by Sean O'Dell
An Angel Comes Awalking by Sean O'Dell
Cool Snooping by Erik Segerstrom

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