Dungeons and Pop

Guest-elheim One-Shots - Forbidden Falls Ep 01 - The Salt is Real

2 years ago

Greetings listeners and welcome to the village of Forbidden Falls, land of awakened animal-folk and treant wizards! While war is brewing elsewhere in the world of Gestelheim, a trio of critters prepare to head out in the tradition of Wildwechsel, where animalfolk cross the threshold of their quaint forest lives into the real world. But first festivals must be had and games must be played. Albert (Derek) outdrinks his mentors. Clem (Hannah) refuses to be tricked. Spanner (Erik) confronts a threat. Special Guests for this arc include Hannah from Thornvale and Derek from Rolling Misadventures! Promo: Top of the Round Want to talk to some of the cast? Join us at the Castjunkie Server! https://discord.gg/8b7cGGS Want to give us a review, hit us up on Podchaser! https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/dungeons-and-pop-832015 Buy us a cup of coffee on Ko-fi:https://ko-fi.com/dungeonsandpop

Songs in this episode: Soda Break ED Kickstarter Style by Erik Segerstrom Spanner In The Works by Erik Segerstrom Good Old Fashioned Boarbarian by Sean O'Dell Hare-o Straight through the Center by Sean O'Dell Wildwechsel by Sean O'Dell