Dungeons and Pop

Breaking Point Ep 03 - Getting A Head in Life

2 years ago

Welcome to Copseburgh, NY! We're known for our beautiful orchards and apple picking during the fall, and our lake with its prime fishing in the summer. But not all is well as our Hunters: Dallas (played by Sean), Vanessa (played by Raz), Jez (played by Lizard) and Polly (played by Arcel) soon find out.
Death visited the town in the night as Jez recives an early morning, unannounced, but not unwelcome, visitor with a message from their Boss;
Polly and Dallas get their hands dirty handling some dough and hot buns, and Nessa raids the coffee and day-olds for breakfast... and then they hear the news on the morning radio.
Editing by Arcel, Music by Erik Segerstrom Trigger Warnings: Blood, Horror Imagery, Depiction of Death