Dungeons and Pop

Guest-elheim One-Shots - Forbidden Falls Ep 03 - It's a Lovely Time In Paris

1 year ago

After a short rest, the party continues on in their endeavors to find civilization. But a few choice encounters reveal truths and dangers that may test their resolve and their constitution. And the arbiter of some of their troubles is revealed... and it's very fuzzy and adorable. Albert (Derek) embraces technology. Clem (Hannah) takes a strategic retreat. Spanner (Erik) confronts his rival.

Special Guests for this arc include Hannah from Thornvale and Derek from Rolling Misadventures! Special thanks to razberrybi for editing this episode for us. :) Promo: Mimics and Mayhem

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Songs in this episode: Dance Battle by Sean O'Dell Mushroom Trip by Sean O'Dell